The Gorgeous



Don’t forget to eat and drink while you are having a candlelight-dinner with the gorgeous Pina…

…because long and shiny hair frames her perfect face and her eyes look at you with passion, intensity and demand. If you get the chance to release yourself from her magical gaze and get a chance to look at her physique, you will be under her spell once more! Pina is a perfect bombshell – her body is slim, feminine and delicate all at once!

Nevetheless, Pina is not only the bombshell of your dreams in the hotel room. If you can hold the excitement and tension for just a little longer, Pina proves to be an interested and open-minded conversational partner…and an affectionate cuddle-partner in front of an open fire…

…and when you are finally able to enjoy intimate togetherness, you will spark an unforgettable moment with her!


Age: 27
Homebase: Berlin
Profession: Model
Height: 1,67 m / 5,48 ft
Size: 34
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Education: A-Levels
Smoker: No
Tattoo: Yes
Piercing: Yes
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Romy
I like… spa. cuddly movie nights. foreign languages. traveling to foreign countries and getting to know their culture. vegetarian, Anatolian and Italian cuisine. English cities.
Let’s… travel far away and experience crazy things.
enjoy tender togetherness and forget everything around us.
go on a wellness trip and create unforgettable moments.


Berlin  0 Euro / min 2h
Leipzig  100 Euro / min 4h
Dresden  100 Euro / min 4h
Hanover 160 Euro / min 8h
Hamburg  180 Euro / min 8h
Bremen 200 Euro / min 8h
Bielefeld 220 Euro / min 12h
Nuremberg  230 Euro / min 12h
Ruhr Region   230 Euro / min 12h
Münster 230 Euro / min 12h
Cologne  250 Euro / min 12h
Dusseldorf  250 Euro / min 12h
Frankfurt  290 Euro / min 12h
Munich  300 Euro / min 12h