The Wild



Have you ever listened to the song „wild thing“? If so, that is Eva’s anthem. If not, dare to go on an unforgettable date with her and write your own song about her!

At first sight, Eva almost appears innocent. She looks at you with her warm and hazel eyes, she laughs at you sympathetically and she dresses like a classy lady. But beware: under her elegant wardrobe awaits provoking lingerie. Eva is full of surprises!

Whether you have a drink at the bar or enjoy a dinner at the restaurant, Eva has lots of positive energy, is interested, communicative and hearty.

In the hotel room, on the other hand, Eva gets wild! In togetherness, she wants to loose herself, spoil you and discover all hot and new things…

…are you ready to start a new adventure and possibly have a new favorite song stuck in your head?


Age: 31
Homebase: Hamburg
Profession: Self-employed
Height: 1,77 m / 5,81 ft
Size: 34
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, Latin
Education: Vocational diploma
Smoker: Yes, but will not if requested
Tattoo: Yes, discreet
Piercing: No
Availble: World-wide
Most loved escort: Larissa
I like… healthy food. traveling. laugh. sports. horse riding. literature. jogging. weight training. Hong Kong. Sydney. NY. Italian and French cuisine. sexy lingerie.
Let’s… stop the time and just enjoy.
discover new passions and revive old ones.
be brave and plunge into an unknown adventure.


Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 100 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 100 Euro / min 2h
Bielefeld 120 Euro / min 3h
160 Euro / min 3h
Ruhr Region
160 Euro / min 4h
Dusseldorf 200 Euro / min 6h
Cologne 230 Euro / min 6h
Bonn 230 Euro / min 6h
Frankfurt  260 Euro / min 6h
Nuremberg  280 Euro / min 8h
Stuttgart 300 Euro / min 10h
Munich 350 Euro / min 10h