The Sporty



The business trip this week leads you to your favorite city, to Berlin. For that exact reason you decide to stay over the weekend and meet up with some old friends. You are at a hip club, zipping a drink by the bar and think that life could not get any better than this…

…until you discover Ella on the dancefloor. The tall beauty draws your attention like a magnet! While she dances the night away you can see her tight skin and her athletic, curvy body from across the room. Her teeth smile at you through her luscious lips and her green eyes put you under a spell.

But that is not the end of the story! Two hearts beat in Ella’s chest. Although you might sense the fiery and strong Ella at first sight, the sensitive and calm Ella is just around the corner. She enjoys trips into nature, quiet moments and thoughtful conversations.

In togetherness, Ella proves to be versatile once more. She enjoys every passionate and hot moment, dominant or submissive!

Are you ready for a date with a multifaceted and diverse girl like Ella? If so, she will not convince you with a pretty dress and high-hells, but with her crisp bottom in tight jeans! Just wait and see…


Age: 26
Homebase: Berlin
Profession: Student & Personal Trainer
Height: 1,80 m
Size: 36/38
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Education: A-Levels
Smoker: No
Tattoo: Yes, decent
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Tessa
I like… sensual adventurous moments. traveling. spa. massages. photography. art. sports. dancing. fitness. TRX. jogging. Yoga. Tel Aviv. Cape Town. Asian and Italian cuisine. music. filigree jewelry. fragrances by Chanel. Lingerie by Agent Provocateur.
Let’s … forget the time and enjoy the moment.


Berlin  0 Euro / min 2h
Leipzig  100 Euro / min 2h
Dresden  100 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 160 Euro / min 3h
Hamburg  180 Euro / min 3h
Bremen 200 Euro / min 6h
Bielefeld 220 Euro / min 6h
Nuremberg  230 Euro / min 6h
Ruhr Region   230 Euro / min 6h
Münster 230 Euro / min 6h
Cologne  250 Euro / min 8h
Dusseldorf  250 Euro / min 8h
Frankfurt  290 Euro / min 8h
Munich  300 Euro / min 8h