The Charismatic



A vivacious expression, a smile on the lips and endless long legs – a first glimpse of Romy already is promising.

The young student lives in Berlin and regularly enjoys the different opportunities this vivid and seductive city has to offer, a mirror of her own personality. Exploring new vicinities, whether it be while traveling or in her own city, and getting to know new people are her passions amongst others. She is curious and loves long and heartfelt discussions about anything and everything until late at night. Soon, you will recognize her eloquent and smart character.

Romy: “Eroticism starts in the head, seduce me with your words!

While Romy’s humorous and nonchalant manner is remarkable, so is her slim and tall body. Standing 6 feet tall and having a feminine face, one mind b reminded of a 90’s topmodel as she likes to present her fabulous legs as such. Therefore, it is no surprise that regular yoga and workouts at the gym are uppermost in the mind of this ambitious courtisan.

As she is interested in fashion and trends, she prefers to dress formfittingly and femininely. Although she prefers minimalistic designs of Scandinavian labels, often combined with sneakers, she has a soft spot for casually sexy dresses. Don’t be surprised if she forgets one of her beloved lace bras at home.

Romy lives in the here and now and enjoys shared moments. Let it be the rooftop bar with an Aperol Spritz or a relaxed morning with breakfast in the hotel bed, Romy is continuously present and relishes togetherness. Similarly, she likes to let loose in erotic moments and let her partner take over control, one of the few moments in life when she likes to not necessarily do so herself. Generally, she is quite openminded and especially fond of toys.

Be sure to have everyone’s jealous looks on you when being out with this expressional young woman by your side. Enjoy a sense of pleasure and happiness which will last longer than just one night. What are you waiting for?


Age: 23
Homebase: Berlin
Profession: Student
Height: 1,84 m / 6,04 ft
Size: 34
Nationalität: German
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Education: A-level
Smoker: No
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Cléo
I like… music. yoga. city trips. fitness. horse riding. concerts. champagne. gallant and humorous gentlemen. scandinavian fashion. white wine. nightlife. Vietnamese & vegan cuisine. Korean barbecue. drawing. series. handbags by Céline. profound conversations far into the night. Aperol Spritz. Reykjavik. Santorini. Stockholm. sushi. Fleurs de Paris. COS. special lingerie
Let’s… go to the ballet or a concert.
walk arm in arm through the starry night.
order the wine list up and down.
take a break away from everyday life.
discover new passions.


Berlin  0 Euro / ab 2h
Leipzig  100 Euro / ab 2h
Dresden  100 Euro / ab 2h
Hanover 160 Euro / ab 4h
Hamburg  180 Euro / ab 4h
Bremen 200 Euro / ab 6h
Bielefeld 220 Euro / ab 6h
Nuremberg  230 Euro / ab 6h
Ruhr Region   230 Euro / ab 6h
Münster 230 Euro / ab 6h
Cologne  250 Euro / ab 8h
Dusseldorf  250 Euro / ab 8h
Frankfurt  290 Euro / ab 10h
Munich  300 Euro / ab 10h