The Hedonist



Bella: “It’s a warm summer night in Barcelona. We exchange glances sitting at your hotel bar, you come over, we make a few jokes to break the ice. There’s tension, we make eye contact, I bite my lower lip and we head to your hotel room. We take our clothes off passionately and we let ourselves go with the rhythm of the night.

Truly impossible to forget, you will find in Bella an enigmatic woman so addictive to spend your time with, that you will feel like living in a dream. If you are not careful, those infinite turquoise eyes, reminiscent of the crystalline waters of the south of Europe, will surround you in a spell of desire you won’t be able to break.

Her allure lies in her naturality. The softness of her voice, the scent of her skin; she invites you to indulge your senses while having a goddess by your side.

You’ll be hypnotized by the sharpness of her mind and the wit of her tongue, as she is a very educated lady with the ability to delight in any conversation.

You’ll notice the grace of her movements and the competitive spark in her eyes, typical of a former athlete.  Be very careful when you bring her to a paradisical beach, with the sun turning her skin brown-gold and her soft provocative rosy lips, anyone could confuse her for a real life mermaid.

Temptation is her speciality, so why won’t you let put a spell on you? You’ll definitely be craving for more…


Age: 24
Homebase: Hamburg
Profession: Student (Mechanical Engineering)
Height: 1,78 m / 5,84 ft
Size: 36
Nationality: Dutch-Portuguese
Language: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian
Education: A-Levels
Smoker: Occasionally
Tattoo: Two tattoos
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Klara & Helena
I like… Barcelona. sexual tension. gin. lingerie by La Perla. mathematics. wine. silk. beaches. traveling. wellness. innuendo. toys. coffee. modern art. satin. lakes. spa. breakfast. music. philosophy. brutalist architecture. Japanese culture. politics. theoretical physics. movies. cooking. sudoku. museums. playing drums and guitar. performance swimming. fitness. fighting. surfing. yoga. Seoul. Chicago. Buenos Aires. Tel Aviv. Tokyo. Stockholm. Sao Paulo. Japanese, Peruvian, South Korean and Portuguese cuisine.
Let’s… cook a delicious dinner.
watch movies.
have good sex.


Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 100 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 100 Euro / min 2h
Bielefeld 120 Euro / min 3h
160 Euro / min 3h
Ruhr Region
160 Euro / min 4h
Dusseldorf 200 Euro / min 6h
Cologne 230 Euro / min 6h
Bonn 230 Euro / min 6h
Frankfurt 260 Euro / min 6h
Nuremberg  280 Euro / min 8h
Stuttgart 300 Euro / min 10h
Munich 350 Euro / min 10h