The Playful



The sun is about to go down. The sky is clear and its deep blue colors start to fade into warm shades of red. The summer air feels nice on your skin and that is why you decide to take a relaxing walk by the beach. At first, the beach seems remote but then you discover Paulina as she playfully runs and jumps through the water…

…but she does not seem childish at all. With her petite and tender body she almost looks like a fairy princess hovering over the water. One look into her face reveals unique and pristine features: perfect, white teeth and big, blue eyes!

Would you like to get to know more of Paulina‘s playful side? How about a workout, or even a session of soccer or basketball? Paulina has a high level of energy and is always up for sports. But that iis not all: Paulina adores animals (especially horses and dogs) and not only proves to be a jock, but an insightful lady.

Even beyond sports and animals Paulina is always down-to-earth, intrigued and humorous. She is your warrantor for an unforgettable date, be it on a weekend trip, at a restaurant or visiting a Musical.

In intimate togetherness Paulinas playful side turns into spontaneity. Reveal all of your dearest wishes and fantasies to her and Paulina will let her hair down. She cannot wait to spoil you with her lust and passion.


Age 28
Hombase Sylt / Hamburg
Profession Nurse
Height 1,59 m / 5,22 ft
Size 32
Nationality German
Languages German, English
Education Vocational Diploma
Smoker No
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Available World-wide
Most loved escort: Fleur
I like… good food. cooking. traveling. time together. sport. sauna. spontaneity. walks. dogs. beach. musicals. theatre. cinema. soccer. music. fitness. horse riding. New York. Miami. Moscow. Budapest. sushi. steaks. Italian & Spanish cuisine. hand bags. jewelry. lingerie. spa.
Let’s… expericence adventures.


Sylt 0 Euro / min 2h
Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 100 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 100 Euro / min 2h
120 Euro / min 3h
160 Euro / min 3h
Ruhr Region 160 Euro / min 3h
Dusseldorf 200 Euro / min 3h
Cologne 230 Euro / min 3h
Frankfurt 260 Euro / min 4h
Nuremberg  280 Euro / min 6h
Stuttgart 300 Euro / min 6h
Munich 350 Euro / min 6h
London on request / min 6h
Luxembourg on request / min 6h