The Authentic


The Authentic

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as ebony…

…we are not speaking about Snow White though, but about enchanting Klara. An encounter with her is downright magical!

Klara comes across as a modern princess. She is a tender, graceful vision with smooth porcelain skin and sparkling blue eyes.

However, don’t be fooled by Klara’s classical, noble appearance. An authentic, easy-going young lady slumbers in this pretty princess. As a student of an artistic study course, Klara is excited about visual art, culture, design and fashion.

Klara’s multi-faceted personality has not sprung from nowhere, for she is thirsty…thirsty for new adventures! Be it within Europe or beyond, to a big city or to the countryside, Klara has traveled a lot and is now entering the world of escort.

So, don’t hesitate to satisfy Klara’s thirst for adventures! With humour, spirit and totally unpredictable topics from personal life at a glass of wine, during a long walk, or while relaxing in a sauna –there are numerous occasions to get to know Klara. Maybe you would like to become more familiar with her in the bedroom? Klara gladly receives the gifts of passion, erotic, sensuality and intimacy, for they give her such a thrill!

However, the biggest present for Klara is time. According to her, it should be used to live the life to the full. Are you ready to experience this gift together with Klara? To escape the everyday routine and feel as if you were in a fairy tale?


Age: 27
Homebase: Hamburg
Profession: Student (Art)
Height: 1,76 m / 5,77 ft
Size: 34
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Education: Bachelor
Smoker: No
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Bella & Helena
I like… the feeling of adventure. spontaneity. unconventional ways of life. inspiring personalities. charm. wit. good mood. good taste. surprises. talking about the sense and nonsense of the world. sensuality. red wine. walks through the night. long nights. big cities. photography. art. design. fashion. literature. traveling. going out. sauna. wellness. exhibitions. jogging. Paris. London. Vienna. Asian & Italian cuisine. lingerie by Agent Provocateur. fragrances. books.
Let’s.. escape in another world.
embark on an adventure and become the heroes of the night.
fulfill our fantasies.
forget about everyday life.
explore an unknown place.
fully enjoy the moment.
feel that we are in the right place at the right time. 


Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 100 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 100 Euro / min 2h
Bielefeld 120 Euro / min 3h
160 Euro / min 3h
Ruhr Region
160 Euro / min 3h
Dusseldorf 200 Euro / min 3h
Cologne 230 Euro / min 3h
Bonn 230 Euro / min 3h
Frankfurt 260 Euro / min 4h
Nuremberg  280 Euro / min 6h
Stuttgart 300 Euro / min 6h
Munich 350 Euro / min 6h
London on request / min 6h
Luxembourg on request / min 6h