The Tender



Every man wants to be surrounded by a delicate flower from time to time. With a soft and beautiful woman who is the right companion for every occasion. A  lady, that evokes your guardian instincts. Anabell!

With her long, blonde hair, classical profile, porcelain skin and slim physique, Anabell looks like a gracile princess. Once more you realize that nothing is impossible with her on your side.

That feeling does not only reflect in her appearance, though. Anabell’s personality is what makes her the real gem. She is a sensitive and honest conversational partner. Even walking the dog, relaxing in the Spa or enjoying a coffee in the afternoon sun get real special with this down-to-earth and lovable beauty. Even though, Anabell might seem shy at first, is a lady in the streets and an angel around her family…

…she is a „freak in the bed“. She cannot wait to pamper you with deep looks and intimate moments with a certain fragility – allow yourself a well-deserved timeout with the delicate Anabell.


Age: 29
Homebase: Bremen
Profession: Merchant
Height: 1,70 m / 5,58 ft
Size: 34
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Education: Vocational diploma
Smoker: No
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Paulina
I like… beautiful things. fashion. beauty. shopping. swimming. good fragrances. flowers. dogs. music. laughing. humour. kindness. good vibes. coffee. sun. beach. Italian and American cuisine. sushi.
Let’s… us go wherever, no matter how far, the main thing is that we have a good time together.


Bremen 0 Euro / min 2h
Hamburg 30 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 80 Euro / min 2h
Münster 80 Euro / min 2h
Ruhr Region
120 Euro / min 3h
140 Euro / min 3h
Cologne 150 Euro / min 4h
Berlin 150 Euro / min 4h
Frankfurt  230 Euro / min 6h
Nuremberg  250 Euro / min 8h
Munich 300 Euro / min 8h
London on request / min 6h
Louxemburg on request / min 6h